Every state in this great nation of ours has some things that we just can not explain. Legendary monsters live wherever there are people to tell the tales to. At theawl.com, they have listed the Spooky Scary Secret Monsters in each state!

Being from Wisconsin, I have heard many stories about the Beast of Bray road (which made the list.) It's basically a werewolf type of creature that has been terrifying the community of Wentworth, Wisconsin for years. Killing livestock and other animals.

As for South Dakota, they say that our legendary monster roams the area of the black hills! It's name, Taku-He. A big-foot type of creature. They say:

Most active during the 70s, the Taku-He is said to stalk the Pine Ridge Reservation of the Oglala Sioux. Most often linked to livestock mutilation, the Taku-He has been tied to a number of other mysterious events. One woman reported that it was and evil spirit who led teens to suicide, and others have reported seeing it wearing a stove-pipe hat and a longcoat, peering into windows. A press release in 2006 claimed a body of a Bigfoot had been collected, thought it was categorically denied.

So next time you head out on that camping trip out west and you hear a strange noise at night that you can't identify, you just might be near a Taku-He. See the complete list of every monster in every state here.

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