When the seasons change here in South Dakota you can almost smell the cool, crisp fall air.

One of my favorite things about fall and winter nights is the cozy feeling of being at home.

That's when I like to burn a candle to help enhance that cozy vibe that I crave.

As I was looking online for some candles to order, I came across Homesick candles.

And low and behold, I found a candle that a website claims to smell exactly like our lovely state.

What does the candle smell like you may ask?

The website states the following for the South Dakota candle's fragrance:

"Capture the fragrance of South Dakota’s state flower, the delicate prairie crocus flower, along with the scent of rushing water, mountain spruce, and smoky firewood. A floral bouquet of lavender and rosemary is balanced with woody notes of patchouli, soft moss, and sandalwood."

Now one thing that's interesting about scents or perfumes is that they are typically made up of 'notes'.

The notes in this candle are what really could make or break the scent's claim to smell like the place on its label. The notes on the South Dakota candle are as follows:

lavender, rosemary, prairie crocus flower, patchouli, sandalwood, moss, amber, and tonka bean.

I wonder how close this candle would smell in comparison to taking in a deep breath of fresh Black Hills air.

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