Back in June, I went down to Houston, Texas to meet my girlfriend's parents for the first time. It was a great experience! While I was down there I got to eat at some amazing restaurants, toured some breweries and most of all I got close to the Houston Astrodome!


A little backstory, my uncle actually played for the Houston Oilers back in the 1970's. I never got a chance to see him play since I was just an infant at the time. He went to the Pro Bowl in 1979, leading the NFL interceptions with 12, 2 shy of tying the all-time record. His final season in the NFL was in 1983. The only recollection I have of him is some games that my parents taped on the beta player back in the day.

While I was down in Houston, I really wanted to see if I could possibly tour the stadium but after reading online, the County Commissioners voted to approve a $105 million renovation plan that is already being constructed and is expected to be completed by 2020.

So, my girlfriend, Nichole did the next best thing. She went online and actually got me a piece of the astroturf for my birthday! This was the coolest thing as she could see how emotional I was getting that close to the stadium. I may have not been able to be inside the "Eighth Wonder of the World" but I will always have a piece of my uncles legacy!

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