My wife and I had a date night on Saturday attending the Magic of Hope gala for the American Cancer Society. We knew we would have a great time. Crystal wanted to had a few glasses of wine. I wanted to have a few beers. Crystal had the idea to take a Lyft.

Lyft has been in Sioux Falls since October of last year and neither of us had taken one. I put a credit card into our account first so I could pay. Then, with a very slight amount of trepidation, I plugged our location into the app, then the destination. It was only difficult if you have never seen a smart phone.

Our ride was accepted within about five seconds. I tracked our driver's progress from where he was to our house. That was neat. He arrived, we got in, were driven to the Convention Center, then got out. The app buzzed and I selected the tip and hit pay.

One thing I had heard a few times was that "Oh, my God! It's so expensive here compared to big cities!" Well, sometimes. Not for us. Our ride to the Convention Center was $12.47 before tip. The ride home was $11.90. I thought that was pretty reasonable. From what I have heard is that if you want a Lyft after a concert at the Denny, and so do a few hundred other people, supply and demand means you will pay a higher price for that ride. Wait an hour or two and it will get cheaper. Demand wasn't high when we got our ride.

Overall it was pretty sweet. I'd do it again for sure if we were going out and wanted to have more beverages than we should and still drive. I'll probably do it next month when I fly to Denver. It's cheaper than parking your car at the airport in most cases and you get dropped off at the terminal instead of hoofing it all the way in with your bags.

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