Since the COVID-19 pandemic attacked our nation, students have been away from the classroom.  However, one teacher in Madison, South Dakota is going the extra mile to help his students succeed.  He's even practicing social distancing while doing so.

Dakota State University Head Football Coach Josh Anderson recently captured this sweet moment between his 6th-grade daughter and her teacher.  Coach Anderson's daughter needed some help with her math assignment and emailed her teacher, Chris Waba.  Instead of just telling her how to solve the problem, Chris wanted to show her.

Staying at least 6 feet apart, Chris brought a whiteboard to Coach Anderson's house to demonstrate how to complete the problem.  Teachers like Chris Waba are going above and beyond to make sure their students succeed.  Even when they aren't in the classroom, teachers are still making an impact on students' lives.

Thank you to our hard-working teachers in the Sioux Empire!  We appreciate you for all that you do!

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