There are rumors swirling around that Justin Timberlake will be the Super Bowl halftime performer! Which would be awesome for a few reasons.

  1. He's awesome and I love him.
  2. The Super Bowl is on my birthday this year (February 4th, in case you were wondering) so it would be like a private JT concert just for me.
  3. He's awesome and I love him.

However, let us go back in time. It is Throwback Thursday after all. Justin has been part of Super Bowl's past. Oh yes, with *N Sync and with Janet Jackson. (Remember that? Of course you do.)

In 2001, *N Sync, co-headlined with Aerosmith. I've argued with many people about who was the headliner of this Super Bowl. It was co-headling for sure. They go back and forth between both bands seamlessly. They were joined in a grand finale performance by Britney Spears, Nelly, and Mary J. Blige.

Also, back in 2001, MTV helped produce the halftime show so there was a skit in the beginning with Ben Stiller and I remember on MTV there was a 'Making the Halftime Show' special. All of which, I recorded on a blank tape and re-watched a million times.

Then of course there is the infamous, Janet Jackson and Justin moment. The 'wardrobe malfunction' if you will.

In 2004, I was a senior in high school and the local community center threw a Super Bowl party for students. There was so much food! They were showing the game on a huge projection screen. And even on that big screen, I wasn't sure what had just happened.

P.S. I forgot P.Diddy and Nelly were even there until right now.

P.S.S. Kid Rock was there? Why?

Caution: There might be a smidgen of boob at the end of this.

I think if Justin does indeed do the Super Bowl this year, he should invite Janet to do something. As a way of making amends. But, I bet the powers at be would not let that happen!

Or, you know what else would be cool? *N Sync reunion! And a real one this time, not the tiny one they did at the VMA's. But Beyonce already kind of did that at the Super Bowl with Destiny's Child.

I guess we will just have to wait and see!

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