People see many videos of loved ones returning home after serving tours in the military.  Often times, the video contains a soldier reuniting with sons, daughters or spouses.  But this returning hero is just a little different.

Thanks to the American Humane Association and the K9 Rescue Mission, Cila, a military bomb-sniffing dog, was able to reunite with her handler.  Sergeant Jason Bos was Cila's handler for five years before returning back to the United States.  But when Sgt. Bos heard that "CeCe" was going to retire out and that he had the chance to take her home, there was no question that he wanted her.

I really didn't know if I was going to see her again.  It was not even a 50/50 chance, maybe a 10 percent chance that I would actually see her again.  And so when I got the news that she was going to retire out, and if I wanted her, of course I wanted her.

"Ce-Ce" leapt into the arms of the waiting Sgt. Bos at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport after an eight hour flight. "Ce-Ce" will now get to retire at the home of Sgt. Bos in Grand Rapids, Michigan....after a bath and a grooming.  Then she will get to sleep on the couch.