"Mom, I’m bored!"

"Dad, there’s nothing to do!"

We’re only a few weeks in the summer vacation and already parents hear this from their kids. Being a parent myself, perhaps your response went something like this:

“Get outside. Go find some friends. Ride your bike. Walk the dogs. Pick up the football and get a neighborhood game going. Grab the basketball and shoot some hoops. Just stay off your video games. They’ll rot your brain.”

And in that instance - when you feel really old - and I’m not (I just celebrated my 30th birthday 20 years ago this week) you began your response with, “When I was young, we didn’t have video games. We had to make our own fun.” To which there was most definitely response which likened you to a dinosaur or something else from the Jurassic period.

There is an actual name for the fear parents have that we’re not giving them enough stuff to do outdoors. It’s called Parental Summer Guilt, or PSG. And according to a poll of over 2,000 parents, 58% of parents are ready for the kids to go back to school after just 13 days of summer vacation!

Finding summer entertainment for the kids does not come cheap either. On average, parents will spend $7,333 on average making sure their kids are having fun and occupied over summer break - and that includes the family summer vacation and pool passes.

By the way, vacation is the time when parents hear those words again, "Mom! I'm bored!" ...only in the car.

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