10 year old Ronnie Harris, from from Ipswich, Suffolk, in the U.K. has just 1 wish this Christmas, not a PS4 or a new XBox one, no he asked Santa for cure his father of a deadly brain tumor.

32 year old Russel Harris, was struck down by a devastating brain tumour eight years ago and is now classed as grade four severity, leaving him critically ill and taking every day as it comes.

The mother, Emma Harris, 31, was overcome with emotion when she found the note under her son’s bed.

‘I was just cleaning Ronnie’s bedroom when I found it shoved under his bed. I was very touched. ‘It was heart-wrenching to think that a child of his age doesn't want anything for himself for Christmas,’ said Emma.

Ronnie’s even taking cooking classes in school so that he can cook his dad’s dinner.

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