You have two groups of people. You have your cat people and you have your dog people. Me? I'm a dog guy.

We always had a dog (or dogs) growing up on the farm. From Sparky to Sarge, from Tiny to Teddy, there was always a dog running around the yard, and a lot of the time another smaller one running around in the house. Cats? They tended to stay away or face some dire consequences.

I was pretty sure I knew what a dog loves. I mean, I'd been around them all my life and had given them a whole lotta love! But as it turns out, maybe some of the things I thought I was doing for my dog I was actually doing for me...and he/she didn't appreciate it.

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Get our free mobile app had an article listing a number of things we do for our dog that we actually may be doing to our dog. Things we thought he/she loved...and doesn't.

Well, checking through the list, I'm still pretty sure he likes to be scratched behind the ears and rubbed on the tummy. Hey, don't we all?


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