With less than 24 hours to go until the release of Drake's highly-anticipated Scorpion album, the Toronto rapper has revealed the long-awaited tracklist and confirms the upcoming project is a double-album. Featuring more than 20 songs, Drizzy's Scorpion project is full of quintessential Drake song titles such as "Emotionless," "Can't Take a Joke" and the previously released "I'm Upset."

Rumored to be a half R&B-half-hip-hop album, songs like "Final Fantasy" and Ratchet Happy Birthday" appear to be featured on the R&B side of the project, as well as tracks such as "In My Feelings" and "March 14."

Over on the supposed hip-hop half of Scorpion, Drake includes a few songs that appear to be about his love for women such as "8 Out of 10" and "Sandra's Rose." Surprisingly, not featured on the tracklist are any guest appearances.

While Drake loves to collaborate with other artists–having featured guest on each of his projects–the Scorpion tracklist doesn't reveal any artist's names, although that could change when the album releases.

Check out the full Scorpion tracklist below.

Drake's Scorpion Album Tracklist

A Side
1. "Survival"
2. "Nonstop"
3. "Elevate"
4. "Emotionless"
5. "God's Plan"
6. "I'm Upset"
7. "8 Out of 10"
8. "Mob Ties"
9. "Can't Take a Joke"
10. "Sandra's Rose"
11. "Talk Up"
12. "Is There More"

B Side
1. "Peak"
2. "Summer Games"
3. "Jaded"
4. "Nice for What"
5. "Finesse"
6. "Ratchet Happy Birthday"
7. "That's How You Feel"
8. "Blue Tint"
9. "In My Feelings"
10. "Don't Matter to Me"
11. "After Dark"
12. "Final Fantasy"
13. "March 14"

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