That Ram truck Super Bowl commercial with the movie Vikings and that fast version of Queen's song "We Will Rock You" has sparked an uptick in "We Will Rock You" interest.

The version in that commercial was by Queen themselves. It can be found on their album Killer Queen. Since we are already on a "We Will Rock You" kick, I've curated a list of some good and/or interesting versions of the song.

First we have the Rick Rubin 'Ruined' Remix from 1991.

Hey, did you know that Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink did a version for a Pepsi commercial? They did.

Holy smokes! Check out this sweet and smooth acrostic version by The Apples from the Czech Republic.

If you woke up today hoping to hear a rocking violin cover of Queen, then today is your lucky day.

From the movie Pixels, here's an orchestral-influenced version.

Here's a 1920's version by German performer Max Raabe.

Next up is a Trap remix from an outfit know as Quality Out Records.

Hey remember the group Five? No? OK, anyways, they did a cover.

Of course this is a thing.

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