We're all going to have to go to the grocery store sooner or later to stock up in this quarantined world we live in. And unless you have a large greenhouse and a couple of steaks on 4 legs walking around, you'll need to visit the grocer.

We're all a little skeptical about going into busy stores right now but here are 7 good tips on navigating supermarkets safely.

1. Shop at odd or early hours. It's not easy to predict, though. As early or late as you can.

2. Don't dilly-dally. Get what you need and get going.

3. Remember the 6-foot rule.

4. Don't touch stuff you don't plan on buying.

5. Grab a disinfectant wipe (or take one along) and wipe that cart handle.

6. Wash your hands as soon as you get home.

7. Wipe down packaged goods and cans with a weak bleach solution or disinfectant wipe.

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