Lots of young people have a summer jobs. It gives them some spending or saving cash and gives them a taste of the real adult world. A few actually run small businesses; which can teach even tougher lessons. It did two South Dakota teens.

According to Dakota News Now, Tyce and Trey Ortman have been running a concession stand at the baseball field in Canistota. It has been their summer job, buying their own inventory wherever they can at the best price and then selling it during games. After expenses, they get to keep the rest to help fund their way through college.

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This learning experience hit a rough spot on Monday when they learned that not everyone is honest and respects other people's property and why people have big locks, electronic surveillance, and also don't leave the money unattended. Their stand had been broken into and the cash was stolen.

“You know, I never really imagined it happening, especially in Canistota, such a small town. I think we were a little too trusting. Like I think we trusted Canistota too much and I think it’s definitely our fault that we left this money in here.”

--Tryce Ortman

If you have information about the theft you can contact the McCook County Sheriff's office.

I know one thing about the robber or robbers, they are definitely young. Young people don't seem to like coins at all. I have witnessed a niece of mine throw 8 cents in change, a nickel, and three pennies, into a garbage can. In the screenshot from Dakota News Now's story, the thief left behind at least three or four bucks in quarters and dimes alone. Of course, this could have been a time-saving measure, or they just didn't want to be burdened with the coins.

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