Sometimes when you meet people it feels like you have known them forever, and you know instantly you will continue to stay in touch on this journey of life.

I first met Justin Patterson at Wind River Ranch in Colorado, and I hate to admit it but his beard was much more impressive than mine.

We met during one of the ranch's Healing Warriors weeks.

If you are a veteran or have someone in your life who is, I highly recommend checking out the Healing Warriors Page here.  

Justin has a tradition he likes to uphold where he lifts people in the air for a picture.

Wind River Ranch
Healing Warriors Week at Wind River Ranch

Today August 7th is National Purple Heart Day, and I contacted my buddy Justin who was on his way to OHOP(Operation Heal Our Patriots).

I asked Justin to put together a list of 3 ways we can honor, and respect the Purple Heart recipients and their families.

Here was Justin's response:

  1. Words of affirmation. Why you are thankful for their service.
  2. Acts of kindness, wither it be volunteerism, donating money, or simply checking on us!
  3. Never Forget!!!!
  4. Thank the silent professional, the care giver.

It's something we can all do is honor, appreciate, and help our veterans any way we can.

If I could add a 5th one to this list, I would recommend taking the time to explain the Purple Heart to your kids today.

If you'd like to read more on the history of the Purple Heart origin click here.

Source: History

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