I have driven by this sculpture, in downtown Sioux Falls, about a million times.  No really, I counted...a million times.  And I had no idea what this thing was.

In our family we always called it "The Golf Ball Sculpture."  Followed by: "Boy they sure got a hold of that one!"

Well, that's not the name.  Here are 5-Things You Probably Didn't Know About "The Golf Ball Sculpture":

  1. The name of this sculpture, at Fort Sod Plaza at 2nd Avenue and East 10th Street is called:
    "Sea Dream."
  2. It's a metal sculpture made by Steve Thomas from Augustana College.
  3. The two sides of the steel band are painted white and light gray.
  4. The work is an illustration of South Dakota meant to symbolize the sea of the prairies.
  5. If you lick the "Sea Dream" in the winter your tongue will stick to it.

Impress your friends with those facts!

Sea Dream Sculpture / Golf Ball Sculpture
Sea Dream Sculpture / Golf Ball Sculpture / Ben Davis MIX 97-3

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