The difference between avid golfing nerds and your weekend hackers is quite clear. How they prepare. What they bring with them. And, golf-vomit spewed during that first round of the year.


For the most part, a golf outing with four of your buddies can be a ribbing good time. Sometimes well lubricated. Just don't leave a trail of beer cans from each hole.

The golfer that books a tee time on the first day of the year that the course is open will be out there in a stocking cap, two layers of clothing, a golf glove on each hand, and a flask of Crown Royal in the side pocket of the bag. Yep, the avid golf nerd. The weekend hacker on the other hand will check the forecast, shut off the alarm and pull the covers up higher.

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Being a golf 'fashionista' is always for the weekend hackers. You know the ones. Brand new shirt, hat, and shorts all sporting some big-name associated with golf. Got no game, but damn they look good.


Pairing the nerd and the hacker on the same hole can be interesting. Especially the conversation. After being the dominant and more seasoned player, one bad golf shot will always produce the inevitable 'golf tip' from the hacker.

Please remember, that striking a fellow golf partner with your club could lead to assault charges and possible jail time.

So which golfer are you?

If you haven't been to the course yet this year here's a quick checklist for you:

  • Clean your clubs because you didn't after last year's final round
  • Buy a new box of golf balls
  • Purchase enough golf tees so you won't have to mooch off your partner
  • Pack extra socks
  • Rain gear
  • Don't forget the sunscreen
  • Extra money to buy the first round at the barno matter the score

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