It happens more than you realize. You're at work or on the road when a robber breaks into your home. More often than not, they have been watching your house for some time.

Here's 5 things robbers are looking for when canvassing your neighborhood:

  • 1

    Single Lock Doors

    It takes much longer for even the best thieves to navigate two locks. So they are always on the lookout for single-lock doors.

    Danny V
  • 2

    Full Mailbox

    Nothing will give a burglar a bigger clue that you're out of town than a full mailbox. Let a neighbor you trust to pick up the mail for you. Or, contact the USPS's Request Hold Mail service to stop delivery while you're gone.

  • 3

    Run-Down Front Door

    It sounds crazy, but a fresh coat of paint on a front door can give your home the "well-cared for" look you want. Home thieves will see your front door as their first option. Rusted hinges and peeling paint will make it look easy to breach.

  • 4

    Delivered Packages

    Known as 'porch pirates, these burglars might not stop at simply stealing the packages. If it looks like you've been away for some time, thieves will not hesitate to find a way into your home.

    Danny V
  • 5

    Lack of Motion Lights

    Robber hate light. Thieves will not risk picking a lock if they are bathed in light. They are relatively inexpensive and should be installed on all doors around the house.

    Danny V