Winter is just around the corner again in South Dakota, which means the great majority of us will be cooped up inside for the next several months looking for some things to do that don't require freezing our tuchus off on a daily basis.

If you're a craft beer lover, I've found the winter months are an excellent time to sample some of the best craft beer offerings South Dakota has available.

To help you do just that, I have prepared a list of the top five South Dakota breweries, with the help of the folks at Best Things South Dakota. The following breweries should be on any craft beer lover's beer bucket list.

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You might want to use this winter as a perfect excuse to do a little road-tripping and check out a few of these barley and hops treasures.

Coming in at #5

On the Best Things South Dakota breweries list is the "Firehouse Brewing Company" in Rapid City. Now having lived in Rapid for a number of years, I can attest to the popularity of this brewery. Part of what makes the Firehouse so special is its building. It's just a cool atmosphere with all the brick walls and vintage fireman equipment inside. The Firehouse boasts brewing 40 unique beer styles each year, and always has nine different brews on tap at any given time for you to try. Not to mention the food downstairs in the restaurant is just as good as their tasty brews.

#4 on the best South Dakota breweries list

Is the "Black Hills Miner Brewing Company" in Hill City. Deep inside the Black Hills of South Dakota lies another craft beer brewery treasure. The Black Hills Miner Brewing Company is known for its countryside charm. It's a great place to hang, sip on a cool brew, and listen to live music on occasion. Best Things South Dakota says all of Black Hills Miner Company beers are produced in individual barrel fermenters to ensure quality, and they only use regional ingredients, which help to make their brews distinctively South Dakota. You can also get a little taste of the Black Hills Miner Brewing Company here in the eastern half of the state at their Sioux Falls location at 2101 West 41st Street.

#3 on the Best Things South Dakota craft breweries list

Is another brewery tucked deep inside the Black Hills of South Dakota. "The Crow Peak Brewing Company" in Spearfish. In addition to sampling all their tasty craft brews, beer lovers can also take a tour of their facility which resembles a huge, cozy-looking log cabin. The building has a coolness factor that is off the charts.  Any craft beer lover who has stopped by The Crow Peak Brewing Company will be able to tell you about the huge variety of brews they have to offer.

One of Sioux Falls's most popular breweries is on tap at #2

The gang with Best Things South Dakota says "Fernson Brewing Company" is a must-stop for any craft beer lover here in the Dakota's. Fernson always has a stellar lineup of brews and a bartending staff that has a reputation for treating their guests like family. Fernson is also known for having a number of limited-release brews available throughout the year.

According to Best Things South Dakota, the top craft beer spot in the Rushmore State belongs to...

"Sick-N-Twisted Brewery." This brewery founded in 2012, actually has three separate locations in the state. One in Hill City, one in Keystone, and another in Custer. Sick-N-Twisted prides itself in having the absolute best-handcrafted brews in all of South Dakota. They offer over a dozen microbrews. And if you're a wine lover, Sick-N-Twisted is right up your alley too. They feature a line of Naughti Wines for you to try in their Naked Winery tasting room.

South Dakota is blessed to have so many cool, unique, great-tasting breweries. These are just five of the best. There are so many more that can and should be added to the list.

If you're a craft beer lover, make it a point this winter to dive into the South Dakota craft beer scene and get a taste for all the state has to offer.

Source: Best Things South Dakota 


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