The 5 Seconds to Cash song today was Sisqó "Thong Song."

There was no winner today! The jackpot will be $420 on Wednesday December 13.

"Thong Song" was released as a single on February 15, 2000. Believe it or not, it was the second song released from Sisqó's 1999 album Unleash the Dragon.

A violin can be heard playing throughout the song. That addition to the song was inspired by an instrumental cover of The Beatles "Elenor Rigby" recorded by Wes Montgomery. The opening violin lines of that song will remind you of the violin you hear in "Thong Song."

Lil' Kim was supposed to appear on the track as well but she declined, trying to get clearance from her label for Method Man to appear on a track with Lil' Cease. When she bargained that she would do "Thong Song" if Method Man could do the song with Cease she was told no.

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