Boredom is often the place creativity finds it's best breeding ground, and now with constant stimulation there is little room to bloom.

I can only fight it for so long before I give in and become a phone screen scrolling zombie.

With my phone on me I know it's always and option to pull it out and sift through the social sites.

Sitting around mindlessly cruising your phone occasionally brings you into portal of a place worthy of spending your time. This is not one of those places.

Over the holiday breaks one of the things thrown around was things to ask Seri, that would get you a funny or strange response.

Some of these I got from friends and family others I found on a longer list of 21 on Time

Here are my top 5 funny things to ask Seri.

5. Whats your favorite animal?

4. When will I get married?

3. Do you want kids?

2. Will you tell me a story?

1. Why are firetrucks red?

Some of the questions have multiple answers, at least Seri keeps it interesting by not always giving the same answer.

Sources: Time Out

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