According to Dakota News Now, and South Dakota state health officials there were four hundred and twelve new cases of coronavirus as of Sunday, September 27; but there were no new deaths reported within the state.

This brings the total cases in the state to 21,541; which includes individuals who have also recovered from the disease. Out of this number, only 3,790 cases are ongoing.

Only 216 people are currently hospitalized due to complications with the disease. Out of the beds that are designated for COVID patients in ICU hospital beds only 12% of them are currently being used across the state of South Dakota.

Minnesota reached over 2,000 COVID-19 deaths as of yesterday, September 27 along with hitting their daily high number of cases which was at 1,478 cases.

Iowa saw over 1,000 positive COVID cases for the second day in a row as of Saturday, September 27.

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