I went through a very serious karaoke phase in the early 2000's. It was a brief few months, but it was intense. Our little group of singers would gather a couple time a week at this bar in Nebraska that had exotic dances early in the evening and karaoke later. We'd bust our best "Fancy" and "The Humpty Dance;" enjoy some adult beverages and have a good time.

Serenading my little group of friends and the leftover dancer patrons was so much fun. not to brag, but I was kind of well know for my stirring rendition of "Love Shack."

After that run of early century karaoke mania, I haven't had the chance to grab a mic and take the stage in quite a while. I got thinking about where the best places in Sioux Falls are to get my tin roof rusted. So, I turned to Yelp to find out what people think are the best karaoke spots in Sioux Falls.

4 Best Sioux Falls Karaoke Spots


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