Now that The Walking Dead is done for the season and soon Superstore will join it, plus we have until this fall for more The Good Place, my DVR is looking kind of empty. Well, there was a free HBO weekend recently and I garbed a couple of movies, but I'm itching for some of my other shows to come back and start stacking up on my DVR.

I tend to let shows stack up for two reasons. First, I seriously overestimate how much time I have during the week to watch TV. Part of my brain still thinks that I'm 22 and don't have anything going on for 18 hours a day.

The second reason I like to stack my shows is because bingeing has ruined regular TV watching for me. I got into Mad Men and Breaking Bad late. So, I binged all but the last seasons of both shows right before they were on TV. Going from constant story to waiting a week was horrible. It was like reading half a novel than having to wait a week for each chapter to be mailed to me. Like I'm doing now with The Expanse and Fear The Walking Dead, I'm going to let them stack and devour them on my time. I'm doing the same with Timeless season 2 right now, but mostly because I forgot that there is a season 2. That show may be sacrificed for the sake of hard-drive space.

Here are the show coming up this spring and summer that I am excited to stack and binge. They're all great shows that I highly recommend.

Colony Season 3 starts May 2 on USA

Colony is a show about people that live in Los Angeles in a world where a powerful alien species has invaded Earth. The show follows people in the occupied LA and how they live and work to free our planet. The show is a nice balance between alien sci-fi stuff and political maneuvering. Plus, it's an interesting exploration of what it is like to be on the receiving end of a more powerful force.

Better Call Saul Season 4 Starts some time in 2018 on AMC

At the end of last season we saw the first sprouts of the person that Jimmy will become in the show Breaking Bad break through the soil of his personality. Before he was Saul, Jimmy was a troubled man fighting for the love of a big brother and acceptance in legitimate society. He wasn't getting either and is discovering that his skill set is more aligned with the shady side of life. And the show is also doing an excellent job of exploring the characters of drug kingpin Gus Fring, and my fave, former cop Mike Ehrmantraut.

I'm likening this show better than Breaking Bad, partially because it's so narrowly focused in scope so that the people's lives are on full display and dug into very deep. Even though it is a prequel in the Breaking Bad story line, it feels like a 'more adventures of' story of some of the best characters from the original show.

Preacher Season 3 starts June 24 on AMC

Preacher, based on a graphic novel, is one of the wildest, and craziest shows I've ever seen that is still very good. Yes, at it's core it is a show about a supernatural force that possesses (kind of) preacher Jessie Custer, the supernatural beings trying to get it, Jessie's vampire best friend, and everybody's favorite butt-kicking girlfriend Tulip. There is also the secret international group trying to get Jessie. Oh, and Jessie is on a mission to find God, who is living somewhere on Earth. Then there's the whole thing about Hell, and the kid with the face. But, along with all that, it is really good storytelling, tight plotting, fun characters, and it's really funny.


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