So you just got the most amazing flowers.  Here's how to make them last:

  • Keep it clean: Change the water every couple of days to get rid of bacterial growth.
  • Let 'em drink: Use that packet of floral food that arrives with your flowers and  follow the directions.  If it's too concentrated you'll create bacterial growth, shortening the life of your flowers.
  • Cuts like a knife: A fresh cut of the stems allows them to continue to stay hydrated.  Always use a knife, as a scissors pinches the ends and restrict the ends from taking up water.  If your flowers are in a vase, grab the whole arrangement out of the vase and give those stems a fresh.
  • Cool it!  While you're away, keep flowers in a cool place, (above freezing) like a garage or the fridge.  If you have citrus in your fridge, pass on that as that can make your flowers wilt.  Keep them away from heat, like sunlight, and heat registers.

Watch the pro's and see how to arrange your flowers

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