If you’re like me, you keep two calendars: One with all your various appointments, meetings, reminders, and family obligations, and then another that’s just all the movies that are coming out soon that you can’t wait to watch.

(It’s okay if you’re not like me, I am a total weirdo. I honestly remain astonished to this day that I am married with children.)

Actually, it’s great if you’re not like me, because then I can use my total weirdness in a constructive way for all. That’s what this piece is all about: Helping boil down all the movies coming out in 2023 down to just the biggest and most interesting films that you should keep on your personal radar (even if you don’t actively write them down somewhere because, really, that is completely excessive and even now I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I do that).

And by the way: The list below contains just movies coming to theaters. There’s a whole other list to be written of movies coming to streaming in 2023. And I will definitely get there soon. But for now, let’s look ahead to these 20 can’t-miss (theatrical) titles...

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2023`

Here are 20 of the biggest and most exciting titles coming to theaters in 2023.
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