A true Sioux Falls treasure is the Twitter feed Argus911. As they say on their page, "We keep our ears to the scanner to bring you the latest on crime, fire, accidents in the Sioux Falls area." If we hear sirens the first place we go is Argus911 to find out whats happening.

Argus911 also is the premiere reporting agency for loose cows in and around the city. So, as we wrap-up 2016, here's some of Argus911's top cow Tweets of the year.

We start with someone in Heartford just trying to enjoy a nice April afternoon, when a gaggle of bovines stopped by for tea.

BREAKOUT! These cows must have see that part of I Robot where Will Smith was trying to find that rouge robot that was hiding in among the other robots at the robot factory.

Baltic does NOT have time to be counting cows! There's more than two and less than 100, just get 'em off the road.

These cows just wanted to take pictures with the sign for Slip Up Creek Road (Possibly the best street name in town) then post the pic on Instagram with the caption "We are up Slip-Up Creek." Cows don't have much of sense of humor.

Another BREAKOUT attempt. Humans will rue the day that the cows and dogs join forces.

They talked to an old lady in a rundown shack, she said, "There haven't been cows here near highway 17 and 276th road in 50 years." Then she faded away.

I'm saying they were GHOST COWS!!

Ahh, yes, I always loved it when grandpappy would pull out the fiddle and guitar and sing that old country classic: "Cows in the Caller's Yard."

Little know fact about cows, they are huge Frank and Jessie James buffs. They just cannot stay away from Garretson.

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