Although the Oscars infamously snubbed The LEGO Movie in the Best Animated Feature category, the joyous and hilarious movie got the last laugh at the ceremony itself. The film was nominated for its delightful song “Everything is Awesome!” and the live performance of the impossibly catchy number brought the house down and probably made everyone feel really bad about not giving the full movie its due.

It also probably confused the heck out of Clint Eastwood, but we were not given a reaction shot.

Although the live performance featured original artists Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island, they left plenty of room for special guests. Mark Mothersbaugh showed up behind a keyboard rocking a Devo hat. Will Arnett popped up in full Batman attire.

And then there were the cowboys wielding LEGO Oscars, the guy in the possum costume and the, uh, stuffed dog. It was the first and probably last time that a live performance at the Academy Awards featured sets made out of cardboard and lyrics about how awesome string is.

In other words, it set an awfully high bar for the rest of the evening’s live performances. In terms of energy, showmanship and sheer, giddy quality, this was probably one of the best moments in recent Oscar history.

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