Who remembers when that phone you used hung on a wall or sat on a desk and had a rotary dial? What's a 'rotary dial' you ask?

OK then, let's not go back quite that far. How about, oh say, twenty-five years or so.

It's the start of the 1990's and for a while it was pretty much those rich folks that walked around with cordless phones. You might be sitting in a restaurant or lounge and hear a phone ring. Everyone would look around to see who was the fancy-pants that had a cordless phone.

But before long the cordless became the 'cellular' and not too much longer still when a phone would ring and most folks would check to see if it was theirs. Ah...progress.

Yep, phones went through big changes in the 1990's. According to the Then and Now website, not only did phones get small (I know, I know, they're huge compared to today), they went flip...and went digital (oh c'mon, you remember that wonderful analog)! But there was more amazing things on the horizon in the 90's.

In late 1992 the first SMS was sent.

What do you mean, what's an SMS? Oh yeah, we changed the name of that. It's now called a text. But when it was 'born', it was an SMS. And it was really something!

Next thing you know (OK, some years later in the 90's) we were accessing that doggone World Wide Web (us cool dudes called it the Information Superhighway).

Yessir, back in the 1990's we could do just about anything with these new fangled phones. Take pictures? Well, no. Talk to it and have it find us stuff? OK, OK, it couldn't quite do everything...yet. But boy oh boy, we were on the way!

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