Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, figured out what are the lowest paying jobs in South Dakota. The BLS identifies 533 different job classifications in South Dakota. Food service, recreational and childcare jobs make up most of the list.

             Job TitleAverage SalaryEntry Level Salary# Of People
1Locker Room, Coatroom, and Dressing Room Attendants$19,110$17,90050
2Combined Food Preparation and Serving Workers, Including Fast Food$19,510$17,9308,750
4Cooks, Fast Food$19,840$17,9802,290
5Lifeguards, Ski Patrol, and Other Recreational Protective Service Workers$20,070$17,990450
6Ushers, Lobby Attendants, and Ticket Takers$20,130$17,980220
7Dining Room and Cafeteria Attendants and Bartender Helpers$20,190$18,0002,980
8Amusement and Recreation Attendants$20,270$17,9901,220
9Childcare Workers$20,380$18,0102,510
10Waiters and Waitresses$20,420$17,9507,290

You can see the full list of the 100 lowest paying jobs at

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