If you are a South Dakota resident, there is one thing you dread more than any other this time of year.

Late, in October, after you see the leaves raining down into the gutters on your roof, you suddenly have that horrible pain in your stomach. Winter is coming soon. There, I said it.

And for many in this part of the country, that pain is brought on by putting your garden to bed, emptying and cleaning the flower pots, draining the hoses, and oiling up your tools before storing them until next spring.

Oh, and pulling out the snowblower. Feels like a sharp object just stabbed you in the eye, doesn't it?

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So that was my Saturday.

The lawnmower is still in use, mulching leaves and those damn pine needles. But, I need to get some winter fertilizer down before the s___ comes.

And just so you know, Wednesday, October 27 is South Dakota Winter Weather Awareness Day.

Have a nice fall day!

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