Today, Thursday, May 20 the House has approved a $1.9 billion bill to increase the security at the Capitol as a direct result of the riots that happened on January 6 according to Dakota News Now.

The Democrats moved forward on this bill that includes retractable fencing and a 'quick-response force' that comes after the attack on Congress.

The bill’s passage by a 213-212 vote comes only a day later after the House approved the formation of an independent commission to investigate the deadly mob siege by former President Donald Trump’s supporters.

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Some Republicans did support the increased security, however, most voted against it stating that it was too expensive and the fence was not necessary.

Instead of spending the money on fences around the capitol building, Republicans were advocating for the funds to be used on increasing southern border security.

National Guard troops have been protecting the building since January 6 and public access has been severely limited in conjunction with still having an outside fence.

"The new bill includes money for fencing — either retractable or “pop in,” according to Democrats — that would protect the grounds while removing the current perimeter. The legislation says the money cannot be used to install permanent above-ground fencing, reflecting the wishes of most members of Congress that the area should be open to the public. Other improvements would be to better secure windows and doors, install new security vestibules and cameras, and protect members with increased security at home and in Washington, as threats against them have doubled in the last year"-Dakota News Now.

Source: Dakota News Now

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