SNL's resident Young Person, Pete Davidson, stopped by Weekend Update recently to discuss the Season finale of The Walking Dead. Pete has a couple of problems with TWD. First, he's afraid that the zombie apocalypse is really coming.

Second, Pete likes to, um, let's just say, he lives life like it's always 4:20. So, he's afraid he'll either miss all the excitement or be mistaken for one of the undead as he staggers around in search of munchies. You know, he'll be all slumped over and shuffling.

Then, everybody's favorite walker hunter and tracker, Daryl AKA Norman Reedus, does just that. Planting a signature crossbow arrow in Pete's chest.

They get the misunderstanding straightened out, despite what happened to that dude in the elevator, and Pete invites Daryl to enjoy some backstage medicine.