So I may have died and gone to heaven Sunday night when Justin Timberlake performed for almost 20 minutes and reunited *Nsync all in one shot.

I did not cry, but I did audibly scream a couple times alone in my apartment.  Don't judge me.

The guy can sing and dance like it's his job.  Oh wait, it is! As it should be because he is awesome!

My favorite moment of the whole 20 minutes, besides the *Nsync reunion, was during 'Sexyback' when Justin yells, "I still own this bitch!"  Is it wrong that I swooned a little?

My other, other favorite moment is when *Nsync is just getting started and Justin says, "Let's show these young kids how to do it!"  He means you, One Direction.  Take notes.

I could have used a couple more songs from *NSync, but I suppose I should be happy they reunited at all.  However, Beyonce reunited Destiny's Child at the Super Bowl and they did more than a couple snippets.  Just saying.

And how cute is the picture Justin posted to his facebook of the band all together again.  They are so dreamy!

Justin Timberlake Facebook