A song about Top Ramen is going viral. Two young artists named Yung Chef and Doughboi released a collaborative track called "Top Ramen" with a ridiculous music video to accompany it. The video is closing in on 80,000 views just six days after being published on YouTube. The visual clearly stands out because Dougboi is rocking an entire outfit of Top Ramen gear made by Beloved Shirts.

"Top Ramen" is making some waves on social media and websites like Reddit. Most of the reaction has been positive with compliments for the skills of Yung Chef and Doughboi. Others are criticizing the record for being derivative of a viral song and video made by Filthy Frank called "Ramen King." Frank's video titled "Pink Guy Cooks Ramen and Raps" was originally posted on YouTube in June 2013. Yung Chef apparently caught wind of this negative feedback and commented on it today (July 27) via Twitter.

"Aw dang we aren't the first to make a top ramen song hmm maybe i should have made a song about money and cars," Yung Chef wrote.

Regardless of the idea being original, this quirky song is sure to boost the profiles of Yung Chef and Doughboi. Both artists have less than 200 followers on Twitter. And Chef's SoundCloud account - where the "Top Ramen" track was uploaded one year ago - currently has less than 300 followers. Despite that, the track has racked up over 10,000 plays on the streaming service.

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