Citing critical needs for space and a city that continues to grow, Mayor Mike Huether announced that he will issue his first veto in six plus years of leading Sioux Falls.

At issue is the sale of bonds to help fund a $22 million office building which was approved in April. City Councilors voted to put that action on hold in order to do more research. Huether counters that now is the time to act.

“We have done our homework. There has been more study, due diligence and collaboration on this particular topic than the Events Center and the indoor pool combined.”

In addition Huether is adamant that building a new facility at 7th and Dakota would eventually happen because this avenue makes the most sense.

“No matter what other alternatives are discussed, the best solution that keeps coming up is this one. Which is sell the sales tax revenue bonds and construct a new City of Sioux Falls Administration building.”

The vetoed bond repeal measure will go back to the Sioux Falls City Council who could override the Mayor’s decision.

The Council would need six votes to override, however only five members voted for the repeal.

Along with the veto, Huether says a more detailed explanation as to why he made his decision will be submitted to the City Council and be made available to the public.

The veto letter can be found at the following link by clicking here.


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