Kesha Tastes the Hair Rainbow [PHOTO]
Glitter covered, pee drinking, teeth wearing, ghost-sexing singer Kesha is known for her big, bold style and her love of wild hair colors, and she may have just dyed her hair our favorite shade yet: rainbow.
Ke$ha Has a Jewelry Line Coming Out
Kesha Rose by Charles Albert is a jewelry line designed by popstar, Ke$ha, featuring edgy and eclectic designs. The website is set to Launching August 2013! Her collection will range from  $30 to $750! What do you think of Ke$ha’s first jewelry collaboration...
Kesha’s Jewelry Line Includes Tooth Bracelet [Photos]
Teeth. They're not just for chewing anymore! The always fashionably unconventional Kesha is showing her teeth … sort of. Her new jewelry line, Kesha Rose by Charles Albert, will feature actual teeth. It's not a shock, since the singer once wore a head piece constructed of fan&a…
Kesha Jumps for Joy on Self Cover
Kesha is pop music's resident bad girl, a party animal who brushes her teeth with Jack, if you believe her lyrics! She doesn't usually strike us as the regimented type or a health nut.
Nevertheless, she covers the July issue of Self and looks gorgeous as she jumps for joy in black shorts, p…

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