This video showed up in my feed over the weekend and I have to share it with you. They are Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye, AKA Maddie and Tae. Maddie is from Texas and Tae is from Oklahoma. This is their first song and it is awesome. First off it sounds good. That got my attention, but what held it was the message.

Maddie and Tae address a problem that has turned me off from Country Music for the last few years; the rise of Bro Country with its cheap and easy songwriting and stupid imagery. The "trucks and beer and short shorts" theme and the terrible "shut up and get in the pick up, girl" vibe has infected country music  (different imagery, but the same attitude is ruining much of modern rap too). Like playing golf in a country music video it's just wrong, against what the core of the music is about. This song could be the beginning of an antidote; it's Girl in a Country Song.