It's how every Halloween goes: we either have candy leftover from lack of dressed up door bell ringers or we swipe it out of our kids collection.

Either way we know there is very little if any Halloween candy on a clean eating plan, but how much exercise does it take to work off these fun size treats?

According to Jeremy Scott Fitness, if you weigh around 140 lbs, burning off a little box of candy Dots will take 63 burpees.

My personal Halloween favorite Reese's Peanut Buttercups would require a 180 lb person, do 77 berpees to get work off this treat. If you weigh closer to 140 lbs it would take a full 100 burpees!

Even something that appears like a little calorie container like Nerds, would take around 45 burpees for a 140 lb person to train off.

If you like Peanut M & M's I hope you you like burpees as well, because this staple Halloween treats burpee equivalent is 83 burpees!

This chart for weighing the workout, and price vs payoff is a great mental check to see if it's worth the indulgence compaired to the workout.

You can find the complete Halloween candy to Burpee ratio chart at Jeremy Scott Fitness by clicking here.


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