For our daughter Jenna, the father-daughter dance last weekend was much more than wearing a pretty dress, getting her hair styled at the salon topped with a tiara and admiring her wrist corsage.

The Father-Daughter Dance taught Jenna and many other girls that night just how special and loved they are.  It also displayed how a girl should be treated with respect on a date.

Every year, the civic group Job's Daughters hosts the dance at The El Riad Shine in Sioux Falls.  The night typically starts with dinner at a fancy restaurant, usually with a group of girls and their fathers.

Once arriving at the El Riad Shrine, dads have the occasional dance with their little girl, but quite often sit at tables and enjoy seeing their daughters throw their sparkly shiny shoes off to the side and dance with their friends.

Rob Warden

I can tell you the brand new pair of white tights are completely wrecked after one night's use.  Her footprints are imbedded in black from running and dancing without shoes.  It's a small price to pay knowing that she had a glimpse of just how special she is.

My husband set the bar high in teaching her how she should be treated on a date, and I'm grateful.

The next Father-Daughter Dance is February 20th, 2015, with the theme: Glitz and Glam.  For more information on the Father-Daughter Dance and Job's Daughters, e-mail:

Rob Warden