I guess that nothing in the world should surprise us anymore. But that would make for a very boring existence wouldn't it?

Shona Carter-Brooks has been grilled online after she released Facebook photos of her wedding. What makes these photos unique, stupefying and worthy of a smack on the head (at the very least)? Mrs. Brooks decided to attach her newborn baby to the train of her lovely Vera Wang bridal gown and then drag the little girl down the aisle behind her!

The couple living in Jackson, Tennessee just got married last month. Mrs. Carter-Brooks' defense was that she wanted their child to be a part of the ceremony, that little Aubrey (who is only 1 month old) was awake and well secured to the dress's train and that she was "covered by Christ".

Just my opinion, and in the words of Forrest Gump- -"stupid is as stupid does"!