Thursday 1/10/12

  • 'Bones' is a TV Show.

    Did you know that 'Bones' is a TV show? It is still on. And it will be back for a ninth season.

  • Peeps Choice A-Wards

    Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Maroon 5 were winners at the People's Choice Awards. Also somebody played a prank on some very funny ladies when some random woman won the Favorite Comedic TV Actress award. Come on we all know that Lea Michele is not a real person, it's all an elaborate prank.

  • One D Must Work To Make Money

    If One Direction can stay together for three more years and make three more albums they will be more money. What a crazy idea.

  • No More Brit on X Factor

    Britney Spears says that she wants to work on music and maybe tour instead of returning for another season of The X Factor. In a related story did you know that Britney was on The X Factor.