Today on the show we talked about ways to make Thanksgiving less stressful, turkey chili, Ke Dollar Sign Ha's teeth and how great Jennifer Lawrence is.

  • Things Not To Worry About

    According to an article I saw, in order to make Thanksgiving less stressful we need to not worry about cloth napkins, making homemade pie crust, matching wines or "Having overall culinary cohesion to the meal." But what if you aren't having Thanksgiving at Sandra Lee's house? Or with that rich lady who thinks she is a pioneer farm girl?

  • Kesha Made Bra out of Fans' Teeth

    Kesha asked fans to send her a tooth. She then took the 1000 plus teeth she got and made a bra and earrings from them. she then wore them. She wanted to feel connected to her fans. I guess nobody told her about Facebook.

  • No ID4 in 3D

    There will be no 'Independence Day' 3D re-release next year. And maybe no sequels...that we gave up on 12 years ago.

  • The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving

    We all know that the true meaning of the holiday is about having leftover turkey so we can make turkey chili on Saturday.

  • Jennifer Lawrence is The Greatest Ever

    Jennifer Lawrence is the best ever. i submit as evidence this story about Honey Boo Boo.