I wouldn't call it Houston, or New York traffic, but the morning and afternoon commutes in Sioux Falls have changed a little bit. Actually, quite a bit.

The Raise the Road Project on 26th Street and I-229 has Sioux Falls east side motorists re-routing and rethinking their ride to work and school.

This morning I noticed what I will call  the 'right lane syndrome.' It was probably westbound students trying to turn right to get on Cliff or Minnesota Avenue (to get to Lincoln High School).

As I drove east on 57th Street I noticed cars at Southeastern turning south to jump over/down to 69th Street. My guess, a lot of those drivers were trying to avoid 57th Street congestion and were headed east.

The west side is not immune either. Major west side construction projects are firing up and people will be rerouting.

Sioux Falls isn't the biggest city in the world, but we're growing. Fast! Along with our city growing, we'll have to allow a little extra time to get where we're going. It's not the 5 as they call Interstate 5 in California. It's not even Minneapolis busy but it's changing.

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