Multiple charges are the result of one woman's attempt at swiping an air compressor from someone’s car on Elmwood Avenue near 3rd Street.

In the early morning light of Sunday morning at 5:56 AM, someone witnessed a woman gain access to a neighbor’s car. Police Officer Sam Clemens says the neighbor jumped to action.

“He went to tell his neighbor that somebody broke into her car and took something. He went outside to confront this woman and ended up grabbing the air compressor from an open window in (the suspect’s) car.”

The woman drove away after the neighbor seized the stolen goods. Clemens said she then came back for another try.

“She came back and was trying to hit him (with the car). He was able to get out of the way. She threw it in reverse and tried to run him over again (but was unsuccessful). She crashed the vehicle nearby.”

The woman was identified as 20-year old Amanda Ashley Harwig of Baltic. She was arrested for Aggravated Assault, Criminal Entry of a Motor Vehicle, Theft from a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Stolen Property, and DWI 2nd.

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