I am one of those guys who religiously listens to the Joe Rogan Podcast. There are a few topics regular listeners are used to hearing about.

You can't make it through a few podcasts without hearing about: sauna's, jiu jitsu, regular exercise, DMT, elk hunting, and inter mitten fasting.

I have taken away a lot of life motivators and lifestyle changes from this podcast, some I try right away, and some that take me a while to hop on board.

The sauna kick I hopped on a few weeks ago and am sold on making it a regular part of my life routine.

I have been kicking around the idea of the inter-mitten fasting for a while, I have friends that swear by it, but I just haven't been able to maneuver the motivation yet.

Yesterday I did my usual routine National Day Calendar check and saw it's National Fasting February.

According to the story from National Day Calendar:

National Fasting February celebrates the benefits of intermittent fasting on metabolic health. Practicing intermittent fasting is as simple as changing the timing of your meals to give your body at least a 10-12 hour break from metabolizing sugar every night.

Intermittent fasting does not require any change in the content of your diet, but rather simply a change in timing of your food and sweetened beverage intake.

For the entire story click here.

I am a day behind but willing to make February my try at the fasting routine and will check back with you and see how it's going after week one.

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