A product review company, Influentster, did a survey of moms to find out what they want most for Mother's Day. Then thanks to Mashable, I found the survey to share with you.

  • The average age of the moms surveyed was 32.
  • 4,600 moms were surveyed and given 23 categories to choose from for their gift. Some of the results are pretty interesting.
  • Jewelry is only the most popular gift in three states:  New Jersey, Alabama, and New York.
  • Flowers also only came in first in three states:  Oregon, Maryland, and Kentucky.
  • And CASH came in first in two states:  Kansas and South Carolina.
  • As for around here, Minnesota moms prefer a gift card, as do Nebraska moms.
  • In Iowa all the moms want is a kind gesture.

And right here in South Dakota, moms would like a Do It Yourself Gift. I think that means something you made and put effort into and then gifted her. So there ya go, don't worry about brunch, just make a macaroni necklace and you're set.

However, in another survey, done by PRNewswire, they found that most moms just want alone time on Mother's Day. So basically, give me my presents and then leave me alone.

It's her day, do what she asks.

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