I have been a Subway customer for a long long time.  Whether it is the meatball sub or the roast beef sub, both have filled my hunger needs over the years.

The other day I was at a local Subway and I got to thinking about the days of the "Subway Stamps" in which you would accumulate real lick 'em stamps and acquire free subs in the process.

For every six inch sub you would get one stamp and two stamps for every footlong.  If my recollection serves me right, I believe there was even a day during the week where you could get double the stamps.

After filling eight stamps on a Subway card, you would receive a free six inch sub.

So what ever happened to the Subway stamp promotion?

After some research, I was able to find that exact answer, so that you to can quit staying up late at night thinking about the vacancy of one of your favorite retro promotions.

The answer is counterfeiters ultimately were the demise of Subway stamps.

According to NBC News, the promotion ended back in 2005 as there were Subway cards full of stamps popping up online for sale and there was a growing concern that counterfeiters were hurting the company and its franchise owners bottom line.

Of course since then we've seen the $5 footlong thrive as a Subway promotion and staple and the company doesn't seem to have lost clientele from the vacancy of the prior promotion.

Either way, kinda crappy that some ding dong counterfeiters ruined a good thing.