Water is necessary for many areas of life. It can also be a destructive power when left uncontrolled.

Sioux Falls Public Works is fixing a couple things that will lead to a minor water outage for a couple hours. Add to that the resulting street repair that should take about 24 hours.

At the intersection of Marion Road and Cottage Trail which is just north of of 57th Street there is a sinkhole resulting from the water main break. City Engineer Darin McDonnel says at the time the decision was to stop water service instead of disrupting traffic.

“Instead of blocking the road this morning, we just shut the water off. It’s barricaded off and they’re repairing it now. From all the mud being displaced after the water main leaked it just sunk.”

The center lane in that area dropped by about twelve to eighteen inches. After the water main is repaired, then the affected area will be filled then covered with asphalt and should be back to normal by Thursday afternoon at the latest.

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