It's amazing what you can find on YouTube these days. For example, I recently ran across a video that made me laugh out loud and reminded me of my son Aaron. It's of a little boy using a leaf blower for the very first time. You've got to watch it, it's hilarious!

It reminded me of when Aaron reached that age where he could (and actually wanted) to help me out in the yard. I still remember the first time he got to run the leaf blower. It darn near blew him off his feet. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

In the video I found, I particularly like the reaction of the little boy when he realizes the power he's been bestowed. I love his villainous laugh. It's like he's a Jedi Knight in Star Wars and just successfully blew up the dark side's Death Star.

Sit back and enjoy.

Source: YouTube/MakoTitan

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